November 30, 2005

Monza RFID chips from Impinj Inc.

Texas Instruments Inc. will be purchasing the Monza RFID Gen 2 chips from Impinj Inc. for use in its RFID inlay and strap products. The RFID chips from Impinj were the first to be certified as having met the Gen 2 standard. Impinj is slated to provide more than 50 million chips in this quarter to companies such as Alien Technology, Avery Dennison, IER, KSW, RSI ID Technologies, etc.

The Monza silicon chip is manufactured by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. and Impinj carries out the design, testing, and quality control. The inlays and straps sold by Texas Instruments are manufactured in their own plant. The Monza chips will be inserted in the inlay and the tag containing the antenna will be passed on to the label maker.

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